Big discounts and referral rewards in January!

We have 10ish years design and marketing experience, but are heading out on our own. Because we're currently building up our portfolio / testimonials we will be giving big discounts to anyone who books in work before the end of January.

Please have a think about anyone you might be able to refer to us. To say thank you for referrals we will give 10% of any initial work booked to the referrer in either gift cards or as a donation to their favourite charity / cause.

Discounts for January are going to work like this, after that we'll be charging normal rates:

50% off first and second website work booked
50% off first and second marketing jobs booked
30% off third and fourth website work
30% off third and fourth marketing jobs
15% off any other website work booked in Jan
15% off any other marketing jobs booked in Jan

Get in fast as the bigger discounts won't last long!

We're looking to be referred to small business owners or entrepreneurs who have at least $500 to spend on any of the following:

- designing / redesigning / optimising their website
- increasing the effectiveness of their online strategy (more sales, more visitors to site, better ways to monetise etc.)
- businesses with physical address wanting to rank in the google map results for their area
- getting more clients through local or online marketing

We will provide a free discovery session with anyone who is referred to talk about what their goals are and will only take on clients if we think we can get them at least double their investment.

Wishing you all the best for the new year!

Thanks a lot, David

Sounds great, I have some work I need doing!

What Happens Next?

Once we get your email we'll contact you within two business days to organise your free consultation. We'll talk about your burning needs, you'll get a feel for us, our services and how we can work together to help your business grow.

Please fill in as many details as you can below. This will help us do our homework before the consult so we can provide as much free value as possible!

privacy We like spam even less than Monty Python

I know someone who might need some help

Know someone who might need our help?

If you've got someone in mind who might want to work with us, it's best to get in touch with them personally.

Either give them a call and tell them about our website and the discounts we're offering for January, or send them an email, maybe something similar to this (feel free to use this text if you'd like):

"Hey, I remember you saying you need some <web design, marketing etc.>, are you still looking for help with it? I just found out about these guys, they're offering pretty big discounts for any jobs booked by the end of January. They look like they'd be good for what you need."

or if you're sharing on facebook or twitter or groups of people:

"Hey, is anyone looking for help with website design / optimisation, online strategy or small business marketing? I just found out about these guys, they're offering pretty big discounts for any jobs booked by the end of January. They look pretty good!"