What Would More Business Mean For You?

The holiday you've been dreaming of, fulfilling your life's purpose or passion by helping more clients?

But how do you get more people to discover and appreciate what you do?

We help entrepreneurs build strong online identities!

At PlacemarkDigital.com we specialise in helping entrepreneurs and small business' just like yours to attract more clients, increase their income and build relationships by developing a strong online presence.

We know that running a small business can be tough. You've got enough on your plate in running your business without having to worry about where your next client is coming from, but with no clients there's no business - it's a real Catch 22.

That's why we've developed a range of services to help small business' become more visible online. We'll help you convert website visitors to dedicated recurring clients so you can focus on what you're good at without having to worry about all that "design and marketing stuff".

David has looked after our web design, IT and graphic design needs for over ten years. His versatile, insightful and collaborative approach has provided us with expert solutions which fit extremely well with our needs as a small company. David engages with us promptly and reliably. He listens attentively to our ideas, presents us with options, then makes our choices work exceptionally well. Working with David has added to our own capabilities. His readiness to pass on web based and other computer skills and his willingness to answer any queries, no matter how small, has been invaluable. I particularly appreciated his showing me how to do my own updates. I highly recommend Placemark Digital for your business!

Valerie O'Brien, Talking Solutions

I knew I needed to implement SEO into my growing business, but had kept putting it off as I had no organic traffic and zero SEO and thought it was a waste of time. Then I had a conference call with David and that all changed. David quickly fixed our onsite SEO, and rebuilt the site to make it more appealing to visitors. My business now get lots of quality leads from SEO, on par with Adwords, which is what I was previously using to run my business (and which I pay a lot more for). Talk to David, he gets very involved with your business so he can drive you the best possible results! Highly recommended.

Jason Vander Griendt, JCAD - Inc., Cad Services Expert

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