Get Thousands of Dollars Worth of Google
Exposure For Next to Nothing!

97% of people who search for local businesses online use Google.
Will they find a competitor or will they find you?

There's a saying in marketing circles that the best place to hide something you don't want found is on the second page of Google. Why? Because no one goes there!

So what happens if you're on page 3, 14, 75? When people search for your service in their area where do you want your company to appear?

Where would you rather be in Google - here?

Or there...

Getting your business on page one in Google Places (the map results on page one for most local business searches) is a time consuming process but the potential is enormous.

As a comparison, if you were using Google Adwords to target the keyword "lawyers perth" you might expect approximately 600 searches per month. Each time someone clicked on your ad you would get charged $22.39.

Using Adwords 600 leads would cost you over $13,000 dollars a month!

Our packages for ranking you on page one of Google Places start at a one time fee of $287, capped at $697, no matter how much work we need to do to raise your ranking.

So how do we get your business on the first page of Google Places?

  • 1

    Full analysis of your site and competition

    This is on us, to make sure we can rank you. If we don't think we'll be able to get you on page one for your preferred search term we won't waster your time or money.

  • 2

    Claim your Google places listing

    If you've already claimed your Google places listing we'll review and optimise your page if required. If not yet claimed we'll explain how to claim it, or deal with Google directly if preferred.

  • 3

    Audit and clean up of current citations

    Citations are Google-speak for business listings pointing to your site. It's very important to get these accurate for them to take affect, we'll audit and clean up your current citations if necessary to get them really working for you!

  • 4

    Build tons of new listings on the most powerful local business sites

    For some search phrases, 30 listings (included in the basic package) we'll be enough to get you on page one. For more competitive terms we may need to build hundreds of listings, going beyong the most powerful local sites to focus on creating citations directly relevant to your industry.

  • 5

    Send you a report of all the listings we have built for you

    Within 2 - 3 weeks we'll send you a report of all the citations we've built for your business and their current status.

  • 6

    Wait up to 2 months

    Google takes up to two months to notice all of our hard work (sometimes much sooner). When they do you'll see yourself on page one!

Want your business on the first page of google?

Yes, I want my business on the first page of Google!Get in touch, we'll analyse the competition and send you a quote for page one rankings!

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